@Andrew mckie Hi Matt
Great site.
Is it planned to have the Tararua Trampers series NZMS 57 maps and various hunting guides etc included. I have a collection of close to 30 Tararua maps and would like to fill the gaps with digital copies.

(2015/06/04 00:56)
@Matt @andrew Yes - the NZMS57 Tararua map is actually the map I'm testing with at present. The next functionality to come is that allowing users to upload any* map to the site with minimal GIS knowledge required, just using the webpage.

(definition of "any" to be determined - initially "any map of known projection")

I'm holding off adding any more maps myself until that's done, as that functionality will make the current manual upload / processing process much easier.

(2015/06/04 01:05)
@Matt Edition 4 on NZMS57 is currently in-place. Browse under 'mapsheets' to find it.
(2015/06/06 22:58)
@Richard walker Hi Matt. Fantastic job you have done here. It will be a great resource. I have looked through all my old maps and can't find anything to add
(2015/06/26 21:56)
@Tony broad Hi. This is a great site!
However, in researching old maps for my property in Pelorus Sound (Tiraora Bay, NZTM2000 1673181E 5451750N) I find something curious. I am trying to trace the date of the change of the name of the bay from Tira to Tiraora. It is Tira on NZMS13 MB2 in 1917, but Tiraora on NZMZ1 S15 in 1944 and 1964. But on what purports to be NZMS15 1 in 1946 it is Tira again. The 1944 map appears in your "1959" series, while the 1946 map is in your "1949" series, making them seem out of order. It may be that the NZMS15 Sounds map was a special one produced based on the old NZMS13 maps in 1946, even though the new NZMS1 maps for the region were already being produced.
Also, do you know if there was a NZMS13 MB2 version in the late 1800s? There seems to be for many other MB areas. I would love to see one.

(2017/01/12 09:50)
@Matt Tony. The nzms 15 maps seem to often be stitched-together nzms13 maps. You can often see how features are misalligned where they cross between survey districts within the same nzms15 sheet.

So the actual survey date for each area on a given nzms15 map could be much older depending on which nzms13 sheet each section of it is produced off. Hawkes Bay is a classic example in nzms15 with the northern section being pre-earthquake but Napier itself being newer survey - a line between the two where the 'inner harbour' becomes dry land.

I've seen no older mb2 sheets than the 1917 one. If they exist they're not in the national library or Auckland university library - my two main sources. I'll eventually get round to adding 1929 and 1939 snapshots of nzms13 - but they're big decades with over 300 new / updated sheats in each, so its a big job. We're renovating an old 1897 hall into a home, living onsite, at the present in our spare time so mapspast is taking a bit of a back seat!
(2017/01/13 06:02)
@Tony broad Hi Matt. Thanks for the info on NZMS15. There indeed was an 1899 version of NZMS13 MB2. It is in the Alexander Turnbull Library. Inexplicably, it was missed when the maps were scanned for the Auckland University depository. There was a Tennyson MB1 map in 1903 that was missed as well. The ATL has no funding at present to scan the missing maps, but sent me, via Igor at AU, a quite decent photo of MB2, if you are interested. It may not be good enough quality and alignment for mapspast.org.nz, but I can send it to you if you wish.
(2017/03/22 07:18)
@Matt Hi Tony, yes - I'd be interested in a copy of the MB2 photo you have. If it's small enough, could you email it to mattbriggs at yahoo dot com. Cheers, Matt

(2017/04/04 01:26)
@Cameron Hi there. I'm looking for the NZMS 10 Series from 1957. It seems to be quite a lot different from the 1959 map you have.
(2017/04/24 01:17)
@Matt Cameron. I've not tiled the NZMS10 series but it's available to download at Auckland Uni GDH:


Follow the link for NZMS maps

(2017/04/26 05:30)