Using mapspast layers in ArcGIS

The ArcGIS extension ArcBruTile now includes all of the mapspast map series.

To install:

1) Download ArcBruTile from the following link (look for the Latest Release: ArcBruTile #.# Download link below the project description):

2) Run setup.exe contained in the downloaded file

To Use:

1) Open ArcGIS
- Navigate to the menu: Customize -> Toolbars
- Select arcBruTile

-> The arcBruTile toolbar will be shown.

2) Click 'ArcBruTile#.# v' in the toolbar and select 'Add TMS Service'

3) Click 'Add provider' and select 'NZ Maps Past'*

*If "NZ MapsPast" is not in the list, enter the details manually:

Name: NZ MapsPast

- Click 'Add Provider' to close the window

4) Select the MapsPast layer you wish to add to your map from the dropdown.

Note: It may be advisable to navigate to the NZ region of the world using a layer with global coverage before switching to mapspast layers, as the local maps can be hard to spot when zoomed out to the entire globe.