@Pennardd Hullo
I'm looking to use the cadastral for the area centred on Pongaroa, Wairarapa. Can I purchase a copy?
Thanks, Joseph
(2021/12/26 08:40)
@Matt All the maps shown on this site are released by LINZ under the creative commons NZ license.

You can download the maps on the site using the download symbol (top-right).

You can also view the original individual scanned map sheets by locating the individual mapsheet from the 'Maps' menu and clicking on the link to the original scanned map.

These are hi-res tiff files (~250MB/sheet) that should be suitable for printing either yourself or using a professional printing service.

If you want to use the maps in a GIS package (currently only QGIS/GDAL) then see info under the GIS menu on how to do that.
(2022/01/02 04:12)