@Cameron Hi there. I'm looking for the NZMS 10 Series from 1957. It seems to be quite a lot different from the 1959 map you have.
(2017/04/24 01:17)

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Tongariro Park Map 273-04?
@Matt Cheers Chris. Will see if I can track it down.
(2016/09/19 05:57)

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GIS server option
@Matt Done! ArcGIS support through ArcBruTile is now available for all hosted map series. See mapnews for details of how to use it.
(2016/07/19 08:11)

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Map of the Olivine Country 1964
@Matt Peter - the Map of the Olivine Country is now included on the site. Not entirely sure what the original projection was ... but it seems to match up pretty well everywhere it I assume its the same as the South Island Map Grid. Everywhere excep ... (more)
(2016/05/14 02:29)

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@Matt Note: You currently need to close the 'Select basemap' menu before you can type any text - e.g. submit comments, login, etc. I'll fix this bug sometime, once I figure out how ...
(2015/10/31 18:42)

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Map Key
@Matt @Ashleigh. The individual mapsheets under the mapsheets menu have keys on them. But the decade-end snapshots have not got keys at this stage. The trouble is that the symbols used change over time, and within a single shapshot you'll see many diff ... (more)
(2015/07/16 06:26)

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