Maps to give away
@Mark macdonald hi i will take the lot if thats okay.i live in cambridge but am happy to pay for postage,i do metal detecting as a hobby and are always after maps,regards mark macdonald
(2019/09/08 01:39)

WMS not working
@Fenton painter Hello, I use Mapspast on my phone. Is there a way to use my phones gps location on the maps? Say for 89’, 99’, and 2009? Regards Fenton
(2024/03/31 01:12)

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@Matt Yes. To minimise the sidebar (and maximise the map) click on the 'Map' tab on the right of the screen. To get the sidebar back, click on the 'Info' tab.
(2018/11/23 06:53)

Map Key
@Matt OK. Map links are now fixed so you can view the original mapsheet complete with key as follows: Click on Maps -> National basemaps Select the decade you want Select the mapsheet you want from the list Click on the link under 'Original scann ... (more)
(2018/11/19 04:50)

Assistance in locating a historic map
@Katrina laan The National Library record says 'Original held by Lands and Survey Department, Wellington. Their reference A1/24'.. National Archives now holds all the old LINZ historical maps, so try them.
(2024/01/21 23:00)

Looking for a 1900's map of Wairakei area
@Sparkless Lo there; Can you re-define "Wairakei Area" needs - What would you like to see on the map, and what radius out from Wairakei centre is needed ? e.g. Everything for 10 mile radius ? 20 mile radius ?
(2018/11/17 20:57)

QGIS XML file for NZMS260 1999
@Matt Fixed. It should work ok now - sorry about that.
(2018/11/03 22:01)

Georeferecing files
@Matt @Brian - can you clarify what you mean by not working? I've just tested the pgw and prj downloads for a default sized map and got valid downloads for both on samsung browser (andriod) and chrome (debian). Could you let me know what fails (no dow ... (more)
(2018/05/05 04:45)

New accounts issues
@Matt I've fixed a couple of issues with the sign-up page. If you've recently tried to create an account and not received the activation email then let me know at and I'll activate the account manually. Please specify that your acc ... (more)
(2018/03/18 02:04)

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@Matt Thanks for pointing that out @mutint. The sign-up page had dropped off my list of things to check prior to releasing updates. I'll get that sorted.
(2017/12/31 23:06)

@Matt For town maps you would want the NZMS16 series - this has the original maps/plans for most regional towns in NZ. Not sure if that includes the big cities though. I suggest you poke around on to locate the maps yo ... (more)
(2017/12/04 06:46)

Map Error
@George griffiths On the true left of Blakistons Stream, a tributary of the Broken River in North Canterbury a hut is marked near a fence line. Co-ordinates are 1512274.95 5215438.99 NZTM (E,N) The hut is shown on NZMS 260 1999, NZTM Topo 2009 and LINZ Topo50. ... (more)
(2017/12/03 17:19)

Will you be adding the missing decades between 1920 and 1950?
@Matt NZMS13 1929 maps are now here! Look for them in the layer selector.
(2017/10/20 20:25)

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Tongariro Park Map 273-04?
@Matt @Chris The full set of NZMS273 maps are now on GDH at Auckland Uni. I've started to bring them into mapspast, including the B-side 1:12500 Ruapehu maps you requested.
(2017/07/29 11:09)

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NZMS1 Provisional Grid
@Dmacfarlan This is a very useful website, and congratulations to the producers. I am carrying out some palaeontological research, mostly on existing collections, This requires dealing with grid references from a variety of maps, and it is often helpful t ... (more)
(2017/06/19 02:08)

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@Matt Cameron. I've not tiled the NZMS10 series but it's available to download at Auckland Uni GDH: Follow the link for NZMS maps Matt
(2017/04/26 05:30)

GIS server option
@Matt Done! ArcGIS support through ArcBruTile is now available for all hosted map series. See mapnews for details of how to use it.
(2016/07/19 08:11)

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Map of the Olivine Country 1964
@Matt Peter - the Map of the Olivine Country is now included on the site. Not entirely sure what the original projection was ... but it seems to match up pretty well everywhere it I assume its the same as the South Island Map Grid. Everywhere excep ... (more)
(2016/05/14 02:29)

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@Matt Note: You currently need to close the 'Select basemap' menu before you can type any text - e.g. submit comments, login, etc. I'll fix this bug sometime, once I figure out how ...
(2015/10/31 18:42)

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