@Bobsmith I would really love to view these decades in particular.
(2017/07/15 09:23)
@Matt The NSMS13 maps for the decade ending 1929 are next to be added with 1939 coming after that. . It might be a while though as they're probably a good 7 days of work each and things are a wee bit busy at present.
(2017/07/22 08:53)
@Matt A progress report on the 1929 map snspshot. The maps from the 1920s have now been georeferenced. The next step is tracing the borders of each of the 359 maps (which follow the survey area boundaries along natural features, roads, property boundaries) so that the maps can be stitched into a single layer. It should be complete and published in the next couple of months.
(2017/08/29 20:45)
@Matt The 1929 snapshot is nearly here ... all the mapsheets have now been georeferenced and clipped to their boundaries -all that's left is to put all those parameters into a script, load it onto a fast server and generate the tiles. Nearly there ... !

It looks good - 70% or so coverage of NZ. Good clear mapping. Plenty of fascinating details: can you find the 'haunted whare' or the 'stone man' - complete with picture?!
(2017/09/17 08:07)
@Matt NZMS13 1929 maps are now here! Look for them in the layer selector.
(2017/10/20 20:25)