@Hamish.m Hi
Awesome work this is a great service !

Is it possible to link to the maps using arcgis?
I'm not a gis expert
(2016/02/25 02:22)
@Matt The xml files available on the following page allow the various layers to be loaded in QGIS. I've no longer got a copy of ArcGIS to test this on though.


Save the xml file locally. In QGIS you load them as a WMS raster layer. Note that some layers (notable 1999 and 1989) are paletted images, rather than RGB, and this can cause issues for some GIS software. Also note that you'll need to zoom in to a supported zoom level (<=1:1.2million on QGIS) before the maps will display in your GIS software.

Let me know if it works in ArcGIS.
(2016/02/27 09:05)
@Jeff I couldn't work out how to use the xml file to load the maps in ArcMap. Do you have any instructions anywhere that we could use?
(2016/05/12 02:19)
@Matt I'll have a play next time I'm on a machine with ArcGIS on it and get back to you. Not sure when that will be ...
(2016/05/13 20:38)
@Jeff Thanks Matt. I'll keep an eye on this forum to see how you get on. Cheers.
(2016/05/17 03:16)
@Matt @Jeff - I've not forgotten your request - I have found a solution to get these mapspast layers into ArcMap using the ArcBruTile extension. I just need to figure out how to write the requisite config files for ArcBruTile. Watch this space ...
(2016/06/01 06:01)
@Bertt Hi stumbled on your site, nice maps you have! I'm the coordinator of ArcBruTile, just added one of the maps (topo50). You should be able to retrieve the map using the Add Tms -> Add MapsPast provider.

(2016/06/09 22:07)
@Matt @Brett - thanks for that. I'll have a play next time I'm at a machine with Arc on it. The main features of this site are the historic maps - the latest topo50 are available in a few places, so I'm still keen to figure out how to write the xml files I need to bring custom layer into ArcBruTile - which will allow me to publish a config file for each layer we host.
(2016/06/11 08:31)
@Bertt ok great, should be easy to add extra layers by editing/copying the TMS files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9984329/arcbrutile/services/mapspast/mapspast.xml and https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9984329/arcbrutile/services/mapspast/top50.xml

you can also host them your own.
(2016/06/11 09:48)
@Matt @Bertt: Brilliant - just what I needed!. I'll create the xml files for each layer, host them here and put together a page of instructions for using both the ArcBruTile/ArcGIS and the GDAL/QGIS ones.

Thanks again!
(2016/06/11 10:42)
@Bertt ok! let me know the url of your mapspast.xml if you have it and I point to it in ArcBruTile.
(2016/06/11 11:22)
@Matt Done! ArcGIS support through ArcBruTile is now available for all hosted map series. See mapnews for details of how to use it.
(2016/07/19 08:11)