@Peter mckellar An essential map that needs to be added here is the line drawing map of the Olivine Country that was published with an article in the NZ Alpine Journal in 1965 (I think). There article is entitled "An Historical Approach tothe Olivines" by Bruce N Alexander. The reason I mention this is that this was the standard map used by trampers in the Olivines in the 1970s. Topos did not cover this area until the 1980s. I have a copy here but it should be readily available from any library that keeps a collection of Alpine Journals.

(2016/01/14 07:09)
@Matt Cheers Peter. It doesn't seem to be around as a digital copy yet so I'll look into requesting a scan of it.
(2016/01/24 09:41)
@Matt Peter - the Map of the Olivine Country is now included on the site. Not entirely sure what the original projection was ... but it seems to match up pretty well everywhere it I assume its the same as the South Island Map Grid.

Everywhere except the Arawhata seem pretty accurate. In that area things seem very confused - compare the relative positions of the river, Cilicia, Turks Head for example.

Thanks to Igor at Auckland Uni for the scanned map, and to NZAC for permission to publish it. See the copyright statement t before reproducing or republishing.
(2016/05/14 02:29)