@Ashleigh hunter Hi is there a key for the map so I can understand what all the symbols are? Thanks

(2015/07/16 03:05)
@Matt @Ashleigh. The individual mapsheets under the mapsheets menu have keys on them. But the decade-end snapshots have not got keys at this stage. The trouble is that the symbols used change over time, and within a single shapshot you'll see many different variations depending on the actual year of publication of the map. For example, watch the roads change colour as they cross sheets.

I'll have a think on how or where I could place legends and how I could tie the various different legends to the various different dates of maps. So consider it 'on the to think about how todo list'.
(2015/07/16 06:26)
@Brenda reading any development on introducing a map key?
(2018/10/21 22:47)
@Matt I will scour the various maps in the decade-end map series and try to collate a timeline of the various keys used. Then find a sensible place to store them on the site.

However - the missing 1939 map series is number one priority at this stage. I'm waiting for a 2-3 week gap in my schedule to get that georeferenced, the outline of each sheet traced and the resulting maps mosaiced.

(2018/11/04 08:26)
@Sparkless Matt looks busy; I'm guessing you mean NZMS-1 symbol legend ?
I have the full/complete colour diagram but can not see how to send it.
(2018/11/17 21:04)
@Sparkless I have uploaded the detailed topo legend. It was 'processed' and was 'loading', and went 'somewhere'.
(2018/11/18 04:44)
@Matt @sparkless - sorry I have been too busy with work and house building to do anything on this site lately. Including maintain it ...

Regarding map keys - as noted above, there are a whole range of different symbols and associated keys that go with NZMS1 maps, depending on the date of publication, so it's not as simple as posting a single map key.

The only way to see an accurate map key has always been to click on the link to the original scanned map image, which contains the full sheet including the key. However, I see that auckland uni has changed the location of it's map library, which the original maps are downloaded from, so the links are all currently broken. I'll try and get these fixed this week and post the 'howto' here to download the original maps complete with keys.

Regarding map uploads - thanks for letting me know it's broken. Sorry about that - I'll add it to the list.
(2018/11/19 04:33)
@Matt OK. Map links are now fixed so you can view the original mapsheet complete with key as follows:

Click on Maps -> National basemaps
Select the decade you want
Select the mapsheet you want from the list
Click on the link under 'Original scanned mapsheet'.

This will give you the mapsheet complete with key.

It's not an ideal solution as the files are very large, but it will have to do for now ... sorry!
(2018/11/19 04:50)