@Jay_edwards I am unable to connect to the servers through QGIS wms. Is it possible to have the raw files for each layer send so i am not relying on wms layers and to speed up the loading speed?
(2018/12/02 23:16)
@Matt Jay

Mapspast does not support WMS protocol for accessing our map layers, only TMS. The xml files needed for QGIS to connect to these TMS layers are available under the GIS menu. They must be loaded into QGIS as a 'raster layer' not as a 'WMS layer'. The instructions are in the GIS menu, as are the instructions for configuring a proxy, if you are using QGIS behind a proxy. I use these layers regularly myself and can confirm they are working.

Raw tiled map files:

The raw files are sitting on Amazon Web Services. There are about 300,000 tiles per map layer (that's 300,000 files). The address to download them yourself is:

http://au.mapspast.org.nz/{layer name}/${z}/${x}/${y}.png

e.g. for 1959


You can find the layer names and full web address for each layer in the xml file for each layer in the GIS - GDAL menu.

You can use a package such as MOBAC to automate the process of downloading all the tiles. MOBAC can also convert the files into another formal, such as mbtiles or sqlite if you prefer to have a single file rather than a TMS directory structure. There are guides on the web to adding custom map sources to MOBAC.

Source files:

The tiff files for each individual map sheet are available at http://gdh.auckland.ac.nz. However, pre 1970's these are not georeferenced, and will also need cropping to the boundary of the actual map image. I'm happy to provide the GDAL script I use to georeference and crop all of these to anyone who wants it. The complete set of tiff files for each single layer are around 80GB.


If you'd like me to help troubleshoot the issues you are having connecting to the TMS layers, feel free to email me at mattbriggs@yahoo.com
(2018/12/05 05:46)