@Martin johnston Okay to publish a section of a map on nzherald.co.nz?
(2017/12/22 06:43)
@Matt Yes. All national maps currently hosted here are released by LINZ under under CC Attribution license. For the single sheet maps they are released by their publishers under CC Attribution Licence with the exception of the NZAC (NZ Alpine Club) maps for which the NZAC retains the copyright.
(2017/12/25 09:01)
@Mutint Hi Matt,
Haven't seen you in a while but good to see the progress on this site.
One point though - your Create Account page has serious left alignment issues. Tried Palemoon, Chromium and Edge, each time the fields were part-way left of the window edge.

(2017/12/26 02:43)
@Matt Thanks for pointing that out @mutint. The sign-up page had dropped off my list of things to check prior to releasing updates. I'll get that sorted.
(2017/12/31 23:06)