@Matt Missing sheet: NZMS1-1946-Waipukurau
(2015/06/02 19:01)
@Matt Navigating away from upload map screen leaves you stuck with the 'preview of uploaded map' in the map panel. No way back to the main map topo without a browser refresh. Should automatically return to main map on navigate away
(2015/06/09 20:23)
@Matt Uploading mapsheets - map rotation - individual sides twist (pixels) are correct. But average twist in pixels and degrees which is displayed is wrong
(2015/07/19 23:12)
@Matt Note: You currently need to close the 'Select basemap' menu before you can type any text - e.g. submit comments, login, etc.

I'll fix this bug sometime, once I figure out how ...
(2015/10/31 18:42)