@Tanya wolfkamp Hi, I am trying to find city and regional maps of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin to print onto handkerchiefs. Vintage maps in one, two or three colours. preferable. Could I license your maps?
(2017/12/01 00:27)
@Matt For town maps you would want the NZMS16 series - this has the original maps/plans for most regional towns in NZ. Not sure if that includes the big cities though. I suggest you poke around on


to locate the maps you need. The gdh ftp server hosts the originals from which most of the map mosaics here are constructed and dozens of others besides. The index to the different series is here:


Regarding licenses: LINZ and L&S maps are released by LINZ under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. You will find details on the LINZ website:


and the brief copyright statement on this site here:


For commercial use you would either want to ask LINZ who hold the copyright, or confirm for yourself by reading their license that you would be meeting it's conditions.

On a practical note: you are welcome to download and use the mosaic'd map images from mapspast so long as you abide by the copyright restrictions imposed by the copyright holder (LINZ)
(2017/12/04 06:46)